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NCSY Israel ID – Shabbos is coming, we’re so happy!

Shabbos is coming, we’re so happy!

Our first (semi) full day was spent traveling the city of old. We got to see where Dovid Hamelech lived as we traveled through the city of David. Including in our tour was the narrow Chizkiyahu water tunnel. We had a splashing time :). From the city of David we walked into the Old City of Jerusalem for a delicious lunch. Everyone was given a voucher to bring to a restaurant of their choice. Some chose pizza or falafel while others wanted a juicy burger and of course schwarma. We loaded up on snacks for Shabbos and are all ready for what should be an incredibly inspiring Shabbos together in the holy city of Yerushalayim. We will be escorting in Shabbos at the Kotel tonight and eating dinner in a nearby Yeshiva. My favorite part though, is walking back to the hotel through the street of Jerusalem in the perfect breezy weather. It is the perfect time for all the NCSYers to connect and gives everyone a chance to meet someone they haven’t had a chance to yet. 

All the way from Yerushalayim we would like to wish you all a Shabbat Shallop and Good Shabbos!

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