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NCSY Israel ID Shabbos 1

Shavua Tov! 

Shabbos was absolutely incredible. After eating dinner in the OU center we were able to walk back through the streets of Jerusalem. The weather was perfect and the company couldn’t have been better. We played a few games to learn more about each other and continue working on our unity as a group. Tefilah was inspiring as we danced and sang together. Throughout Shabbos we had time to learn with the advisors all different areas of Torah. From areas of Halacha, Jewish law to Jewish thought and philosophy. The rest of the day was spent resting, snacking and enjoying time with friends. We regrouped to ebb Shabbos away. The way everyone sang was absolutely moving. I already can’t wait for next shabbos! After Shabbos we took a trip to Ben Yehuda to hang out and eat a little. Looking forward to week number 2 as we continue to become an NCSY Israel ID family.


Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID 

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