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NCSY Israel ID – Day 9

Today was our first official hike. We spent two and a half hours hiking through the hills of Mount Meron. It was a beautiful hike and the view from the top was quite breathtaking. The hike also allowed everyone to move around and really bond as a group. When we finished the hike we went to grab a bite to eat for lunch. We had options of all different kinds of sandwiches, a muffin and a fruit. We made brachot we ate and we headed towards the burial place of RASHBI. We got to say a little tehillim there before we headed back. On the way back to the hotel we stopped by a supermarket to stock up on some snacks and supplies. We got back and had some relaxing time before dinner. We ate dinner, had our daily family groups and headed towards our night activity. What fun we had! We played a trivia game where in place of a buzzer, one had to smash an egg on their head. The family group that answered the most questions won an ice cream party. Everyone had such a great time, but of course headed straight to the shower to clean up. We relaxed until it was time to go to bed so we could rest up for an awesome day ahead.

Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID

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