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NCSY Israel ID – Day 7

Arguably the best day yet! Tzfat was absolutely beautiful. The art was magnificent, and the view was breathtaking. Traveling through the old city of Tzfat was so fascinating. We stopped by two unique artists who showed and explained to us how their art has affected them and influenced those around them. We then went on a tour through the old city where we visited significant sights and shuls that were built many years ago in the holy city. We had really delicious pizza for lunch, and some of us even got an extra slice. After lunch we were able to shop around the famous gallery and buy gifts for ourselves and for all the people we love. From there we volunteered in a old age home and hospital. Our one goal there was to put smiles on the patients faces, and boy did we succeed! In a game time decision we decided to go into a well known cave in Tzfat that became the highlight of everyones day. The cave was dark but the intense singing lit up the room in a whole new way. After we left the cave we walked through Tzfat as the sun set on the horizon. It was the perfect way to end the best day yet.


Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID


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