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NCSY Israel ID – Day 15

Today was a great and very intense day. We started our day in Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. We learnt so much about European Jewry and the history of many of our grandparents and great-grandparents. There was so much history that was fit into this building that it would have taken months to go through it all. We started with the pre-war history and slowly made our way until the end of the war. We left with a new understanding and deeper connection towards the Holocaust and the 6,000,000 that perished. Although we had a chilled-out delicious lunch from burgers bar, our intense day was not over. Our next stop was Har Hertzel. There we visited a few cemeteries of well-known fallen soldiers but what really hit home was visiting our security guard and logistic coordinators best friends burial place. Zevik spoke about how close him and Yuval were since childhood and their conversation that took place the day he was killed. He read us one of Yuval’s poems that he wrote which spoke about one can accomplish in the span of a minute. After Har Hertzle we volunteered at Yad Sarah. Yad Sarah is a organization that assists everyone and anyone with any medical equipment they would need, for free! We actually got to help build some of their crutches! We ended off our day with free time in the best Jerusalem mall, Malcha. Everyone was given money to buy some dinner and had plenty of time to shop. After we ate and chilled it was time to make our way back home. Everyone headed to bed so we can wake up bright and early for what promises to be an amazing day! 

Yoni Pollock 

Director, NCSY Israel ID 

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