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NCSY Israel ID – Day 14

The day after we commemorated the diversity and disconnect of Jews, we volunteered in the most magical place, Shalva. Shalva is a special needs facility that welcomes in kids from all different types of backgrounds. We were privileged enough to spend time with these special kids. We danced, sang and played with them and wow do I wish you could have seen the smiles on their faces. We were actually trained by a professional medical clown who taught us how to properly bring excitement and joy to the special needs children of Shalva. It was truly an amazing experience. But what really added so much to the experience of the entire day, was spending it with Shimi Adar (check her out on Instagram). She is absolutely amazing, filled with infinite amount of energy and simcha. Her persona radiated into every single one of us. After the medical clown workshop we enjoyed a delicious schwarma lunch. Finally we got to eat our fair share of meat. Towards the end of the day we visited Stand With Us to learn a lot of information about Israel advocacy. It was quite eye opening and we learned a lot. As Isreal ID always does, we ended our day ‘chilling out’ on Ben Yehudah, relaxing with friends and enjoying being in Israel. 

Yoni Pollock

Director, NCSY Israel ID

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