Israel ID
July 26th 2017

Hello families!

We’ve been having tons of fun and meaningful jammed-packed days. This past Shabbas we had our free-weekend which gave us lots of time to catch up on our sleep but we missed our Israel ID family. After spending lots of time up North and South on Sunday we finally made it to Jerusalem! The past few days have been filled with meaningful chessed activities such as rock climbing at Tikvot, an organization that helps injured soldiers, visiting Save a Child’s Heart where the teens interacted with children who suffer from heart issues, the blind museum and medical clowning at Hadassah hospital. Another emotive aspect of our week was going to the Kotel. The teens each went up to the wall when ready and savoired the moment entirely; after our week apart it was splendid to watch them join together in a circle and start a meaningful and organic Israel ID Kumzitz. Being in Jerusalem gives us the opportunity to hear from wonderful speakers as Neil Lazarous, David Luchens and Sari Singer, who each gave us a piece of them and shared their experiences as Israel advocates, Torah and proud Jews. Due to the extreme heat today, we had to cancel our Ein Prat hike and instead toured the City of David. The acoustic of the tunnels gave us a great opportunity to enjoy more than water beneath our feet and fill the moment with songs and joy. We ended the day on a Torah high, we visited NCSY summer programs and  learned together in their style and campus. The girls visited Michlelet and heard from Mrs. Schneider while the boys visited Kollel and heard from Rabbi Yisrael Kaminetsky. 


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