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Day 20 – 22

What an exciting past few days we had! Immediately after regrouping with everyone from the free-weekend we made our way up north. Our first stop was going back in time. Living, eating and dressing like the Messianic times. We got to travel on the very same donkeys they had! Well maybe not but we certainly got to travel on donkeys. We can all proudly say we have passed our donkey road-test. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the most gorgeous view of the sea of Galilee, the kineret. We each took a moment of self-reflection and spread out to do one thing, think. Once we ate dinner back at the hotel we had a lively night activity, lip-sync battle. Each person got to perform a song of their choice in front of the group. There was so much talent discovered and was quite entertaining to watch everyone in their elements.

Monday morning started off with loads of energy. Straight from davening began color war! Two teams, blue and red competing against each other throughout the day. Our first challenge was raft building. Each team had to build a raft that was equip to handle sailing the kineret. It was so much fun! It was so inspiring to watch your kids finish the race and then go back and help their friends and teammates. After that we had an amazing schnitzel baguette lunch. We always enjoy a great meal. We traveled through an amazing water hike and had a splash! After drying off we made our way back to the kineret for a party boat cruise. We danced the night away as we watched the sunset. Good thing no one got seasick. After the boat ride we went out to a restaurant for dinner. The food was amazing and there was just so much of it. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day. 

Since we were all so exhausted from yesterday we had a chilled out day today. After davening, breakfast and learning we went to the De karina chocolate factory. There we saw the history of how the factory and it’s yummy products came into being, and we even got to try a few samples. After the tour we actually got to make our own chocolate. many different flavors and the freedom to be as creative as you want produces delicious and cool looking chocolate. Like every good meal, we ate the dessert before the meal, the chocolate before the pizza. We then watched the incredible story of the Yom Kippur war in the Golan. The movie was truly moving and inspiring. The success of the war screamed how much Hashem wants us in this amazing country. After that we headed back to Hispin where we had tie-dye. We each got to tie-dye a white shirt in any and every color we wanted. The final product is not yet ready, but we are excited to see how our pieces of art came out. As always we ended our night strong with an amazing night activity. We played fear factor! 9 different competitions, 6 families 1 amazing night! 


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